a trilogy of transformation

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Remembering Why

A spiritual Novel to help you re-connect to your Passion

Inspired Feedback

"The brilliant and creative mind of Gerry Visca is revealed at its best in his latest book and first novel "Remembering Why". The book is a spiritually awakening and romantic story. The way Gerry uses time, introduces characters and events will keep you fascinated and involved. In my opinion "Remembering Why" is a book that will help everyone regardless of age or heritage gain invaluable insights and a better understanding of the world in which they live."

"Gerry Visca is a modern day Doctor Seuss. Oh the places he'll take us."

     ~ MO Hagan, London





A well renowned architect has built a foundation of fame and fortune, yet his passionless life is crumbling before his eyes.  

Hopeless, grieving and deeply unfulfilled he's visited by a wise mentor from his past who reminds him of his deeper, driving why and the hidden mysteries of his universe. 

Only through a wondrous journey that unravels the concept of time does he begin to reconnect with his true self as he strives to answer the only question that matters…Why do we exist?

This transformational novel is a spiritually awakening and romantic story. The use of non-linear time, introduction of characters and events will keep you fascinated and involved.  You will feel as if you are on a journey with our hero and you will catch yourself pausing to reflect and take note of the invaluable teaching moments as they relate to your own life.


"Remembering Why" is a book that will help everyone regardless of age or heritage gain invaluable insights and a higher understanding of the world in which they live.

Lazlo (The Mentor)

Lazlo is the crazy wise old mentor that just seems to get life.  He doesn't give a rats ass if anyone else gets him because he knows why he's here.


Natalie (The Muse)

She is strong, selfless and full of love and light.  Her and Anthony's timeless love is such a beautiful journey.


Anthony (The Hero)

It takes our hero Anthony a few lifetimes to really grasp his deeper purpose.  I love his big heart.  He finally learns about the power of love. Audiences really want him to find his muse that he's loved for a thousand years.

GG (The Student)

GG is our young architect.  He epitomizes societies relentless quest for success.  He's really lost and builds walls all around him until his angels and teachers appear.

Móraí (The Guide)

She is Henry's spiritual guide who really helps him embrace his greater light in the universe. She really gets this timeless love thing and longs to find the man she's loved for a thousand years.

Henry (The Light)

Henry is a really cool dude and an old soul. He's not afraid of anything. He dreams big and loves inventing. He's central to everyone's story and kind of floats in and out of everyone's life.

Insight No.1

We're spiritual beings experiencing life through physical form.

Insight No.2

Our universal purpose was imprinted in our cells a lifetime ago.

Insight No.3

Our inner light spans a sea of lifetimes, longing to ignite our deeper Why.

Insight No.4

We carry timeless love across multiple lifetimes to collectively live out our true purpose.

Insight No.5

Angels appear when we have lost our way.

Insight No.6

We need to develop an awareness that time is an illusion that we've created.

Insight No.7

We have the ability to bend time. Past, Present and Future are universally connected.

Insight No.8

Children are our greatest teachers. Their spirit is meant to guide us.

Insight No.9

We will advance human consciousness when we collectively inspire one another to

ignite and live our deeper Why.  

"I'm loving your novel! "Gerry is a modern day Dr Seuss". The journey you take the reader on is magnificent and the invaluable teaching & moments of reflection "Remembering Why" are profound. "Oh the Places You'll Go" (as funny as it sounds), is one of my favourite books because it takes the reader on a journey reflecting life's most important lessons and teachable moments. Thus the connection."

~ MO Hagan



"I love the editor notes because well it's different not seen in other novels and I feel like a friend is reading along beside me sharing their thoughts bringing me back to real world then poof I am back into Anthony's world and life lessons and my own inner workings love this! Loving this it's delicious with lots of substance."

~ Jody M 


Why am I Here?

A spiritual Novel to help you connect to your Soul's Purpose






There is an innocence of truth in my newest inspiring novel. My intention is to present readers with a window into our soul's origin and the hidden mysteries of our universe. Through its prose and illustrations this novel exists to inspire a richer understanding of who we are and why we're truly here.


A little boy is cradled into the Soul of the WHOLE; the origin of everyone's deeper WHY. Within this sacred place, he meets the Seven Sacred Souls (Love, Light, Truth, Bliss, Time, Forgiveness and Death). He's presented with a glimpse of his deeper reason for being; to whisper the forgotten language of the universe into the hearts of humanity.


The wondrous spiritual quest that Gerry Visca takes the reader is one that we are all on in this lifetime. He guides us across the African plains to the sandy dunes of Egypt as the little Soul's voyage continues lifetimes later as a young man struggling to accept the deeper meaning of life and one's unique role in the universe. Along this remarkable journey, he is mysteriously reconnected with illuminating characters and a deeper understanding of his Soul's true purpose. This is a book that inspires and challenges readers to ask and answer life's biggest question:

     Why am I here?

1. Love

The Soul that instills deeper levels of Belief into humanity.

2. Light

The Soul that ignites the way.


3. Time

The Soul that ignites the Present Moment.


4. Bliss

The Soul that nurtures joy.

5. Truth

The Soul that invokes the acceptance of our reason for being.

6. Forgiveness

The Soul of compassion.

7. Death

The Soul that ignites the Circle of Life.

Part 1: The Invitation

Part 1 of this novel dives deeply into our Souls origin that I refer to as: the WHOLE. In this Sacred Domain, the Little Boy is invited to get a glimpse of his Light Force and understand what his true purpose is: To whisper the Forgotten Language of the Universe. 

He meets the Seven Sacred Souls who are the branches of WHY and together they will take a voyage to find the Souls that have lost their way.

Part 2: The Awareness

The Little Boy becomes a Young Man who is haunted by his abusive past. Unable to receive Love, he continues to have a recurrent dream that awakens his Soul to answering the question: Why am i here?

He finds himself lost on a train crossing Africa and eventually is reintroduced to the Sacred Souls who make him aware of his deeper WHY and the power of choice. 

Part 3: The Acceptance

Years later the little boy is now a grown man and a successful award-winning architect. In this final part of the novel he faces his greatest inner demon as he strives to live with acceptance for who he really is and WHY he is here.


"Why Am I Here' is an absolutely incredible read. I was captivated by the  characters, the way they are presented in the novel, the message each of them share. We search for years and years trying to find our purpose and this book lays it out so beautifully. There are so many messages, I could read it over and over and learn something new each time." 

~ Cheryl Campbell


"My soul exists to inspire meaningful connection and I had forgotten this until now. There have been moments in my journey that I have disconnected with my soul and where I experienced the immense pain of this misalignment. Rather than letting my light force shine in its own individual brilliance I began to allow fear  to permeate my  existence.  Fear systematically shut off the energy, emotion, and intuition that makes me true, real and unique.  Reading "Why am I Here" and having "Why Time" was exactly what I needed to reignite a deep and meaningful connection with my soul.  I am jumping on this train Gerry!  I believe in the energy of this!  It is the vehicle that kick-starts me to inspire meaningful connection in the world." 

~ Melissa Clarke


The Life I Didn't Notice

A spiritual Novel to help you notice the life you were meant to live



From the author inspiring 1 Million WHY's comes the third installment of a transformational novel series, "The Life I Didn't Notice". An enchanting, inspirationally crafted novel that will leave you believing that your life is nothing short of a miracle.


Lilly Fiels was given a gift; a stairway into her soul. This glimpse revealed what was always in front of her yet, she couldn't see it. She wasn't paying attention to the things that really mattered. Like most of us caught in the endless trap of pursuit, she hadn't noticed her life.


Then her soul made a 911 call to the soul of the universe and she was shocked with the defibrillator of life. She was dialed into seven regrets she'd carried for most of her physical life and realized she was drowning from the weight of her own story.


On her forty-ninth birthday, Lilly ascends beyond our natural world. She is called home to witness the truth of who we are and what we are part of. She experiences the mysteries of heaven as a place where our soul dances with the whole of the universe and where she learns to heal and feel the life she was meant to notice.


Lilly is everyone.  She represents everyone’s journey of not noticing and truly living the life we are meant to live before we die.  

Inspired Feedback

“Gerry Visca, eloquently spins a tale of self discovery through exploring what was lost along the life journey of Lilly. We truly see ourselves through Lilly, our whole human self.  Strengths, Fears, Paths, Mistakes, Loves and Loss past and present.”

~ Jennie Queen, Ottawa