Stories that transform your soul...


A spiritual Novel to help you re-connect to your true passion...

A spiritual Novel to help you re-connect to your soul purpose...

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A transformational Novel to help you notice the life you were meant to live...

A transformational Novel to help you create the life that your soul desires...

Meet our inspired coaches

Published in the "Coaching Guide" to "The Life I Didn't Notice"  

The novels are attracting coaches that are using these books to help others create the life they are meant to live.  Coaches (like the four published in this book) that wish to take people on a journey, to go deeper and really live the wisdoms that set us free from the regrets that weigh us down. 

Going deeper is the missing piece and why this coaching now guide exists.


Reach out to these 4 authors above via email and begin your journey toward noticing the life you are meant to live.  

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Inspired Feedback

I'm loving your novel! "Gerry is a modern day Dr Seuss". The journey you take the reader on is magnificent and the invaluable teaching & moments of reflection "Remembering Why" are profound."

~ MO Hagan


"I love the editor notes because well it's different not seen in other novels and I feel like a friend is reading along beside me.

~ Maria E 


A must read if you want to explore the hidden mysteries of the question why?

Lydia Willems


Why Am I Here' is an absolutely incredible read. I was captivated by the  characters, the way they are presented in the novel, the message each of them share.

~ Cheryl Campbell

Reading through this beautiful story becomes one of a very personal journey.

~ Renata Anne Kiss

I love how you speak of the "Fear of accepting Truth and the Truth within you. 

~ Susan Cavaricci-Taptelis

This wonderful manuscript is truly one of a kind! I quite frequently had to put this book down and simply reflect. I believe there is a great deal of Lilly in every man and woman out there.

INDIGO Burlington 


I love when something I read brings a new level of meaning to my life. 

~ Emily Dobrich


If only we could all have one minute in Heaven! This novel is touching, emotional and thought provoking....well done!

~ Marie Pulfer    

This beautiful transformational novel rebooted my soul.

~ Sharon Gilbank


Let Gerry Visca and his incisive The Life I Noticed show you the way that you’ve had all along but just haven’t noticed.

~ Thomas Kerr - Editor

A powerful story is one that opens your mind, causes you to stop and say ‘what if’.

~ Sarah Found

Gerry has a way of writing that makes these stories so relatable to everyone at their core.

~ Stephanie Daponte

What makes these novels transformational?

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A Synopsis of the Transformational Novels

Remembering Why 

A Novel of Passion

A well renowned architect has built a foundation of fame and fortune, yet his passionless life is crumbling before his eyes.  

Hopeless, grieving and deeply unfulfilled he's visited by a wise mentor from his past who reminds him of his deeper, driving why and the hidden mysteries of his universe. 

Only through a wondrous journey that unravels the concept of time does he begin to reconnect with his true self as he strives to answer the only question that matters…

Why do we exist?

This transformational novel is a spiritually awakening and romantic story. The use of non-linear time, introduction of characters and events will keep you fascinated and involved.  You will feel as if you are on a journey with our hero and you will catch yourself pausing to reflect and take note of the invaluable teaching moments as they relate to your own life.


A little boy is cradled into the Soul of the WHOLE; the origin of everyone's deeper WHY where he meets the Seven Sacred Souls (Love, Light, Truth, Bliss, Time, Forgiveness and Death). He's presented with a glimpse of his deeper reason for being; to whisper the forgotten language of the universe into the hearts of humanity. In this wondrous spiritual quest, Gerry Visca takes the reader across the African plains to the sandy dunes of Egypt as the little Soul's voyage continues lifetimes later as a young man struggling to accept the deeper meaning of life and one's unique role in the universe. Along this remarkable journey, he is mysteriously reconnected with illuminating characters and a deeper understanding of his Soul's true purpose. This is a book that inspires and challenges readers to ask and answer life's biggest question:

Why am I here?

Why am I Here?

A Novel of Purpose

The Life I Didn't Notice 

A Novel of Regret

From the author inspiring 1 Million WHY's comes the third installment of a transformational novel series, "The Life I Didn't Notice". An enchanting, inspirationally crafted novel that will leave you believing that your life is nothing short of a miracle.


Lilly Fiels was given a gift; a stairway into her soul. This glimpse revealed what was always in front of her yet, she couldn't see it. She wasn't paying attention to the things that really mattered. Like most of us caught in the endless trap of pursuit, she hadn't noticed her life.

On her forty-ninth birthday, Lilly ascends beyond our natural world. She is called home to witness the truth of who we are and what we are part of. She experiences the mysteries of heaven as a place where our soul dances with the whole of the universe and where she learns to heal and feel the life she was meant to notice.


The Life I Noticed 

A Novel of Life

Within this sequel to the novel, 'The Life I Didn't Notice" Lilly awakens from a near-death experience grieving the loss of her former love, Lazlo. In her despair, she struggles to rationalize the miraculous minute she experienced in Heaven. Unsure as to why she was granted a second chance at life, she reluctantly learns to surrender and embrace the seven regrets she faced in Heaven as the true gifts of life. Only through the acceptance of death as a gift of life, does Lilly's true journey of healing begin. 


By courageously rebuilding her life, she opens her heart and pursues her long-held childhood dream. By striving to notice her life, she divinely inspires others around her to notice theirs. Her new path sets her on a collision course of compassion, sacrifice, and deeper levels of awareness for the life she was meant to live.