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A Tango of Souls

It's the eve before our latest book launch event, 'The Life I'm Meant to Live'.

The whisper I've heard drifting in with the wind these past few days, urges me to 'move the world'. I'm no stranger to these salient voices from the ether. I learned long ago to pay closer attention to my wise inner voice... the whisper of my soul pleading for me to take the lead and help others 'dance with their soul.'

This latest publishing creation represents more to me than simply "a great read." Hey, don't get me wrong, real books matter and when they're published in the most meaningful and tangible ways they posses an intrinsic power of riveting your soul.

'The Life I'm Meant to Live' is the culmination of the last five years of writing transformational novels. These inspiring books are a window into my heart, revealing my highest expression. Every word, phrase, and narrative is the result of tuning into the only sound that matters... the 'whisper' of my soul. Perhaps that's what God and the soul of the universe wanted me to hear. I often share with readers that the first half of my 'unconscious' life was largely dictated by a different sound... the 'noise' of the external world. The second half is about learning to tune out the 'unwanted' sound.

Writing these novels for the sole purpose of stirring people's soul required a new way of looking out onto the world. I needed to say NO to the thousands of distractions. Like most people, I was seduced by the delusional promises from the 'Land of More'. It's relentless current can easily pull you away from the dreams you promised yourself a lifetime ago.

My old life had to die for a new one to emerge... the one God always envisioned for me... a life of 'inspired ecstasy'... unbridled joy experienced through less but better actions. When you learn to listen to the whisper of the universe you receive the inspired thoughts that eventually open up the way for expressing what is in your soul. You begin to notice the signs... the hidden miracles concealed between the lines. You no longer lead with your 'rational mind'. You follow what is in your heart and let's get real, isn't that what life is all about? Isn't that why we are truly here... to love who we are and to dance with our soul?

The inspired action that eventually swelled into a Tsunami for my spirit was #whytime ~ a conversation with me and your soul. This unforeseen experience can only be described as a 'Tango of Soul's'. That's the power of miracles, allowing them to dazzle and delight your senses when you least expect it. That's when you know its right!

Why Timers expressed tears of joy for the gift I had given them. The more I reflected on this meaningful exchange the more I realized it was their soul's way of waking up mine! They helped me remember the 'gifts of life' that the soul of the universe presents us with, accessible to every living being if we allow ourselves to receive. I can see clearly now that my younger self was living but I wasn't truly alive and on fire for my one precious life.

I chose to make the ultimate leap ~ a Grand Jete, the one into my soul, a forgotten hamlet and my way of honouring every soulful pirouette. The inspiration of #whytime weaved its way into my novels. I didn't know what the hell I was doing but my soul knew why... to write inspiring stories that serve as a defibrillator of life. As I sit and meditate on the eve of our latest book launch, Angela and I tip our hat and humbly bow our heads to these 'FAB FIVE' authors published in our latest co-creation, 'The Life I'm Meant to Live':

Alethia O'Hara-Stephenson, Tammy Marsico, Ann Bayly-Bruneel, Stephanie Da Ponte and Renata Anne Kiss.

As a writer I believe that the reader inspires the author if the author surrenders their ego by choosing to listen with the intent to understand what is in their soul. For years I buried my head in the sand, unable to uncover the divine gift: that EVERYTHING is connected and EVERYTHING is one. These 'warriors of why' represent the myriad of readers across the world that have been stirred by my transformational novel, 'The Life I Didn't Notice' and her sequel, 'The Life I Noticed'.

These authors chose to share their journey with you in the most heartfelt way. Each one was asked to select and write about one of the seven 'gifts of life' that tipped their soul. They allowed me to take their hand and twirl them across the stage of the universe to perform their miraculous expression for you.. that they are here, now, and feeling ALL of it with a burning desire to help you notice your one precious life.

So, tomorrow night we invite you to,

switch on the light.

lean forward,

lift up your soul,

tune out the noise,

listen to their whisper,

crack open your heart,

look up and marvel the brilliance of your life...

the one you are meant to live.


The Life I'm Meant to Live

March 11th, 2021

7:00 - 8:30 pm EST

Virtual ZOOM Book Launch

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