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Why Trains Inspire my Novels

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Train 3 - Track 11.

This is where Lilly boards the Willow Tree Express - a journey into her soul. I first conceived the use of this train in my second spiritual novel, "Why Am I Here?" The prequel to "The Life I Didn't Notice." When I travel by train I always feel as if my soul was connected to this nostalgic way of travelling in another lifetime. It's as if my soul is transported back in time.

When Lilly first reaches Heaven, she is guided to a train station where she is welcomed by God and introduced to her guide, Samil (Little Sam; the soul of peace). Lilly reluctantly takes his hand as they board the Willow Tree Express. Through out Lilly's miraculous journey across the stars, she meets the seven sacred souls that show her the way and help her witness the miracles she didn't notice throughout her life - the life she was meant to live.

To Lilly' wonderment, only two tracks exist in the station. One is filled with a sea of little children making their way onward while the second track that Lilly boards -- Track 11, the Willow Tree Express whisks her home to witness the gift of truth -- who you really are and what we are all a part of .

Similar to life, the train serves as an analogy for the choices we make. The quality of our lives are either going up or down. Every second, every moment is an opportunity for us to clear the path toward our soul's deeper purpose, our true reason for being. Along your life journey, the people, the places, the events, the regrets -- all of it are like a string of linked carriages.

I love the line Little Sam shares with Lilly while the Willow Tree Express slices through the Tuscan hillside: "You're used to getting your own way, controlling and manipulating the outcomes. You'll need to surrender and allow the moment to unfold -- the way it was meant to, Lil."

When Lilly finally surrenders to the moment, she is able to receive the wisdom of noticing the life she was meant to live.

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