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What [THEY] didn't teach me!

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

In primary school, they didn't teach me that I had the ability to CREATE my desired life.

In Secondary school they didn't teach me that I had a deeper WHY inside of me and when it was ignited the World would be Helped by Me.

While pursuing a degree in Architecture they didn't tell me that building up people was more important than building shopping malls!

While working for corporations in my 20's they didn't tell me that I could THINQ for myself!

The HR departments, the guidance councillors didn't help me "Remember WHY" my soul was truly here. How could they? They were disconnected from theirs!

What I taught myself during this wondrous journey of inspiring 1 Million WHYs is that inside of us all is a deeper Passion and Purpose that when ignited creates the Outcomes that we are truly seeking.

I taught myself that I didn't need to know what the HELL I was doing as long as I knew WHY!

You and I have ONE SHOT and then the game is over...the end, no do-overs or time-outs. What I know for certain is we will all reach the end and face the regrets head on from not living a life that our soul was meant to experience.

Cast away the fears, the doubts, the disbeliefs, the uncertainty and the need for external validation. Pursue your OWN dream and not someone else's. Strive to IGNITE and LIVE the ONLY question that matters - the foundation for the true fulfillment you are seeking:


Visit the WHY SHELF at and check out what speaks to your soul. Let's inspire a new ROI for the world ~ TOGETHER! One where we ALL Reach Out and Inspire one another.

Perhaps, the teachers who consistently wrote in my report cards that I "speak up too much" and should stop "helping others" might want to rethink their approach!

I know why and now it's time you did.

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