Book of Connection

Book of Connection

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What is the intention of the I KNOW WHY book series?

GERRY VISCA: Welcome to Book 5 ~ Book of Connection. The I KNOW WHY book series exists to give #whytimers a profound voice... to CONNECT their deeper WHY with the hearts of the people they serve. This inspired publishing opportunity helps them stay connected to what matters most.      


What is the intention of the Book of Connection?

GERRY VISCA: In Book 5, we wanted to explore the need for deeper levels of connection in our lives and in our fragile world. Let's face it, we live in a time that is fast becoming more disconnected than ever. Our spirits are being toppled by an avalanche of social media. We're drowning in a sea of noise unable to look up and grasp the bigger picture of why we are here and what we are meant to connect to. We have lost sight of what it means to deeply connect to our higher selves and to the light of others. We wanted to respond to these challenging times by creating  a book of spiritual solutions as our unique and profound way of reconnecting to the "human" within us. 


What is the World Helped by You?

GERRY VISCA: Within every human being exists a deeper purpose waiting to surface and see the light. We are here for a greater reason. When you ignite and live your deeper WHY the World is Helped by You. This is the unified outcome of 1 MILLION WHYS - a new vision for our world.