Book of Purpose


The Book of Purpose is the 3rd installment of the "I KNOW WHY!" series featuring #whytimers.  


The greatest gift we can give a fellow human being is one of [PURPOSE]. It's what we all seek - a life of deeper meaning through contribution. Your [PURPOSE] is your service to others through your unique gifts. It forms the second pillar of your deeper WHY: Passion + [PURPOSE] = Outcome. Purpose is filled with intention, promise and possibility. I chose to create this book to help you, dear reader, define your [PURPOSE]. When you start living through it you begin to influence the deeper outcomes that you seek in life as this is the World Helped by You.


[PURPOSE] is by far the most elusive concept for human beings to grasp. For the most part we are doing a surface job on it, seeking quick answers from the external world and we're not staying the course as we receive insights and bytes of clarity.