I Don't Know What the HELL I'm Doing!

I Don't Know What the HELL I'm Doing!

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You don't need another

self-help book seriously! 


This is the passion and energy behind this book.  I'm not here to preach from a mountain top.  There's no need for that, because you've got it all going on;  but I need your help. 

My goal is to share with you some really cool insights and realizations I've lived and breathed along my journey.  I didn't learn them from a self-help book,  from college or a workshop in Tuscany.  I'm going to share with you, that you really don't need another

self-help book.   My wish is that this book releases you from the grip of having to have it all figured out - You don't!

I have created each page with an intention of sparking something that already exists inside of you.  Perhaps it's page 33 that will reaffirm for you that you already have everything you need or maybe it's page 69 that will finally kick you in the ass and get you off the couch and taking 100% responsibility for the life that you desire to create.  After re-reading this book a few times, it is my greatest intention that you answer the only question that truly matters:

WHY am I here?