I Know Why 3-Pack

I Know Why 3-Pack

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A great way to begin your journey toward igniting and living your deeper WHY is with the "I KNOW WHY" 3-PACK.  Each book is themed arounf the Elements of Being that form your deeper WHY are: Passion + Purpose = Outcome.  Each of these three books are created in an inspiring way that combines collaborative #whytime authors writing closely with #whyguy Gerry Visca and Angela Kontgen.



The intention of this book is to awaken the things that spark new levels of aliveness within you, connect you to the things that truly matter, ignite your way of being and inspire you to fall in love with "you" again. This "Life Guide" is about surrendering and allowing your deeper Passion to be your guide along your life journey.



[PURPOSE] is by far the most elusive concept for human beings to grasp. For the most part, we are doing a surface job on it, seeking quick answers from the external world and we're not staying the course as we receive insights and bytes of clarity.



We explore the energy of courage as a catalyst for opening up your deeper WHY. Through courage you summon the unseen forces of the universe - the underlining current propelling you into action. WHY WISDOM is centred around three areas:

THE INVITATION ~ Igniting your deeper WHY by answering the only question that matters: 'Why am I Here?'

THE AWARENESS ~ Opening up possibilities to experience your deeper WHY - also known as the journey of life. 

THE ACCEPTANCE ~ A deeper understanding that you were put on this earth for a far deeper reason than just paying the bills.