Live your Why

Live your Why

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Live your WHY is one of the largest of Gerry Visca's 6 collaborative-based books with over 24 contributing authors.

This book represents an inspiring journey for so many of these incredible authors.
Everyone has a message and a lesson to share with the world. You do not
need to be trained as a writer to do this, everyone has it in them. Leaving
a message for the world, in a book, can be a great legacy that many of us
can leave behind.


In "Live your WHY" you will be both challenged and mentored on creating your WHY. In this book, Gerry Visca introduces you to inspiring, visionary and motivated "everyday" people. You wil be captivated by their authenticity, heartcentered wisdom and experience-based strategies for living from an inspired place on a daily basis.


If you could sit with someone you truly admire in the world, what would
you ask of them? How could they help you? What would they advise you
to do? What is one simple step you could take to move in a new direction?
This book will gently pull you forward towards living an extraordinary life
every single day.