Novel Trilogy

Novel Trilogy

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Get the trilogy of transformational novels: 

Begin with reading the award-winning novel, "The Life I Didn't Notice" followed by the sequel "The Life I Noticed" then the origin of these two inspired pairings: "Why am I Here? ~ a soul's purpose"  


The Life I Didn't Notice ~ Synposis 

Lilly Fiels was given a gift; a stairway into her soul. This glimpse revealed what was always in front of her yet, she couldn't see it. She wasn't paying attention to the things that really mattered. Like most of us caught in the endless trap of pursuit, she hadn't noticed her life.


The Life I Noticed ~ Synopsis 

Lilly awakens from a near-death experience grieving the loss of her former love, Lazlo. In her despair, she struggles to rationalize the miraculous minute she experienced in Heaven. 

      Unsure as to why she was granted a second chance at life, she reluctantly learns to surrender and embrace the seven regrets she faced in Heaven as the true gifts of life. Only through the acceptance of death as a gift of life, does Lilly's true journey of healing begin. 


Why Am I Here ~ Synopsi

A little soul named Lazlo is cradled into the Soul of the WHOLE; the origin of everyone's deeper WHY. Within this sacred place, he meets the Seven Sacred Souls (Love, Light, Truth, Bliss, Time, Forgiveness and Death). He's presented with a glimpse of his deeper reason for being; to whisper the forgotten language of the universe into the hearts of humanity.