The Life I'm Meant to Live

The Life I'm Meant to Live


The transformational novels, "The Life I Didn't Notice" and "The Life I Noticed" are attracting coaches that are using these books to help others create the life they are meant to live. Coaches (like the fivethat wish to take people on a journey, to go deeper and really live the wisdoms that set us free from the regrets that weigh us down. Going deeper is the missing piece and why this coaching now guide exists.


The novels are attracting movie producers that wish to bring this work to life to further touch people’s hearts through movies that matter. We imagine a world where people are watching, reading and working with meaningful transformational stories and movies like these. We also believe that we are at time when our world needs transformational stories like these more than ever. If you are tired of doing a surface job on your life and not really living the life you are meant to live, this coaching guide paired with the two transformational novels may be the spark you have been looking for. Welcome to the life you are meant to live...


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