The Life I Noticed

The Life I Noticed


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The prequel to this novel, The Life I Didn't Notice, was the start of Lilly's journey, the stairway into her soul. This glimpse revealed what was always in front of her yet, she couldn't see it. She wasn't paying attention to the things that really mattered. She didn't notice her life. It was as if her soul made a 911 call to the soul of the universe. She was shocked with the defibrillator of life. She extracted and embraced the seven regrets she had carried in her heart for most of her physical life and realized she was drowning from the weight of her own story.

      On her forty-ninth birthday, Lilly ascended beyond our physical world. She was called home to witness the truth of who we are and what we are part of. She experienced a place where our soul dances with the whole of the universe and where she learned to heal and feel the life she didn't notice.

      This novel, The Life I Noticed, can be read independent of The Life I Didn't Notice. However, you should be aware that this story takes place not after, but within The Life I Didn't Notice, filling in the missing year of Lilly's life right after her near-death experience and leading up to her fiftieth birthday.

      That's how Lilly's journey actually unfolds in chronological order. It is not mandatory to read them this way, but at least you are aware of how this story fits within Lilly's larger picture.

      Within this novel, Lilly awakens from a near-death experience grieving the loss of her former love, Lazlo. In her despair, she struggles to rationalize the miraculous minute she experienced in Heaven. 

      Unsure as to why she was granted a second chance at life, she reluctantly learns to surrender and embrace the seven regrets she faced in Heaven as the true gifts of life. Only through the acceptance of death as a gift of life, does Lilly's true journey of healing begin. 

      By courageously rebuilding her life, she opens her heart and pursues her long-held childhood dream. By striving to notice her life, she divinely inspires others around her to notice theirs.  

      Her new path sets her on a collision course of compassion, sacrifice, and deeper levels of awareness for the life she was meant to live.