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A great way to begin your journey of transformation is with our trilogy of Transformational Novels 

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Author Video ~ #whyguy Gerry Visca

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Gerry Visca has managed to survey spirituality, self awareness, mindfulness and reality through the eyes of our protagonist, Lilly. This wonderful manuscript is truly one of a kind! I quite frequently had to put this book down and simply reflect. I believe there is a great deal of Lilly in every man and woman out there.

Lee-Anne, INDIGO Burlington  ~ Ontario

This story needs to be a movie. I am so drawn to the richness of the characters and the movement that Gerry Visca and this novel are inspiring. My mission is to steer this body of work to the big screen.

Chiara J-Megna, Executive Producer  ~ Pelham, Ontario

I love your novels Gerry is a modern day Dr Seuss. The journey you take readers on is magnificent and the invaluable teaching & moments of reflection. Your books should become a required reading in English class.  MO Hagan ~ London, Ontario

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Author Video ~ #whyguy Gerry Visca

You don't need to know what the hell you're doing... you just need to know WHY!  

#whyguy Gerry Visca shares 9 powerful insights in this 2 1/2 hour audio download... a new energy to help you kick-start your WHY BRAND.



It's the question that drives the deeper WHY... #whyguy Gerry Visca shares his top 50 questions in this 2 1/2 hour audio download to help you go deeper and contemplate the bigger picture of your life.  




The Elements of Being [PASSION + PURPOSE = OUTCOME]
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Inspired Feedback

The process of deep reflection required to answer the questions in my chapter prepared me to face the pandemic with Courage and Purpose. I'm so grateful that I said Yes to the opportunity to contribute to this live guide. 

Sue Staresinic ~ Waterdown, Ontario 

I adore you both beyond words and am so looking forward to all the creative and powerful things we will create together. Thank you for your beautiful and amazing vision for me, publishing my deeper WHY and creating a WHY brand. I love it and am truly touched and inspired.

Vicki Colt ~ California  

Each WHY book is filled with inspirational stories and practical tips. From precisely designed self-reflection questions to opportunities to design the life you want to live. Being part of this series gives me content to share with others in a coaching situation.  

Juli Fyfe ~ Burlington, Ontario 

Author Video ~ #whyguy Gerry Visca

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