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About Gerry Visca

Novelist | Screenwriter | Visionary

Gerry Visca is on a mission to write and create books and movies that inspire new levels of hope and meaning in the world.  Gerry's transformational novels are an invitation to explore our soul's deepest desire—to express itself—our true reason for being.  As the creative publisher of #WHYTIME MAG - he shines a light on REAL people and REAL voices.

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“Gerry's manuscript is one of a kind!



There is an innocence of truth within The Life I Didn't Notice trilogy and screenplay series that inspires a deeper understanding of what we are, why we are here, and who we desire to be. Along his spiritual journey of inspiring 1 MILLION WHYS across 11 countries, Gerry has gained access to a profound realization of something bigger transpiring in the world: our struggle to receive love and believe in miracles. 

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“Gerry is a modern-day Dr Seuss . . . the journey you take readers on is magnificent and invaluable. ”

— MO Hagan, Goodlife Fitness

What I love most about this way of storytelling is the opportunity to take a reader on a spiritual quest.  This is why I call these novels transformational. You almost cannot help but discover a deeper part of yourself and it’s wonderful that this is being confirmed by readers and curious movie producers. All of us are on a journey, seeking more meaning and fulfillment in life and love.  These stories are my unique way of helping you still time, reflect and listen to your own soul's whisper, something that is often challenging to do in this increasingly noisy world. 

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