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WHY TIME is an inspired one-on-one conversation with #whyguy Gerry Visca and your soul.  This conversation via ZOOM and live with Gerry lasts 45 minutes.  It's 'soul' intention is to help you become aware of your deeper purpose in life and to help you begin answering the ONLY question that matters:  'WHY AM I HERE?' 


When you order WHYTIME you receive a digital copy of Gerry's WHY JOURNAL to help you keep your deeper WHY ALIVE. 


Upon placing your order, you will receive an email from Gerry in 24-48 hours to schedule your #whytime session.  Your #whytime session needs to be scheduled within 1 calendar year.  Due to the amound of #whytime sessions Gerry schedules, if you cancel your scheduled session it cannot be rescheduled.  

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