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$311 + tax 


  • A PLATFORM in the 100 WOMEN issue.

  • A full page profile featuring you as a difference maker.

  • Branded & marketing touch points to share on social media

  • Printed copies available for purchase on Amazon

  • 45 min of #WHYTIME with GERRY VISCA (optional).

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Get published in the 'special edition' of #WHYTIME MAG . . . 
100 Women -
a legacy.
Summer 2024


We're all here to make a difference. 

It's our legacy.

How we leave the world a better place.


Some know it.

Some explore it.

Some live it.


We are here to capture it.

create it and connect it.


Share your verse in the legacy issue . . .100 Women.

An inspired platform to IGNITE, SHARE + LIVE your legacy.  

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"The actual publishing journey with Gerry & Angela was made so effortless for me."

~ Alethia O'Hara-Stephenson


Get published in our newbook.

This is a book about aliveness. Once our basic needs are met, we all seek to feel more alive, complete and fulfilled with the time that we have. Yet, to shift from lost, lifeless and even hopeless, many of us feel, one must have the courage to face the truth: You will DIE.


The truth is none of us knows when that first day of our last year will be and this is not morbid, it’s just real. Learning to gracefully keep this truth closer to you is the truest way to live your life more fully and to not waste so much of it. This is a book to shock you gently and calmly into the one precious life you are meant to live.

Your life is waiting for you to live what matters.


We guide you in the creation of your first book.

We believe in a personal and hands on approach with all of our authors. We care about your deeper WHY . . . your unique reason for being and we have a desire to guide you in the writing of your first book from concept through to completion.  


As an international award-winning agency, we’ve supported thousands of writers, written and published one of the most diverse series of publications including: self-help, autobiographical, collaborative books and transformational novels. 

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Working at Outdoor Cafe

We get it!
The world needs your words.

We get you on the path and inspire you to stay on track. We help you get your first book done!


Here’s a snapshot of our

10-step publishing process:


1.We kick off your journey with a LIVE session, helping you create your table of contents – the structure and foundation for your first book.

2.We create and send you a monthly writing plan to keep you focused.

3.We send you monthly writing prompts, inspirational tips and short videos.

4.We provide you with monthly progress reviews of your completed chapters.

5.We offer quarterly momentum calls to guide you through the rough spots.

6.We review your DRAFT manuscript.

7.We create your book cover.

8.We review and smooth out your FINAL manuscript. (editing & rewrites extra)

9.We create your pre-press publishing file in PDF format-ready for uploading.


10.We coach you on how to set up your Amazon Author Central account so you can begin selling your first book worldwide.

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Learn the way to integrate your deeper Why and your Brand into your writing. 


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We exist to help you help the world.

We've been helping writers for the last 11 years.  

Gerry as a passionate novelist, screenplay writer and indie publisher, has written and produced over 25 + books, 5 transformational novels, captured 3 international branding awards and helped writers get their words out into the world in countless writing projects. 

He's also helping make some children's writing dreams come true through the Children's Make-a-Wish Foundation - which is pretty awesome!

Angela has been at his side, inspired to support writers in finding that unique voice and help them prepare and open their writer's mind.

When it comes to our publishing work, we also do not believing in leading with and misleading with grandiose over-promises of "best-seller" status.  

We like to be real with our writers and focus on helping you write because we know it's in you and the world will be an even better place with your voice & verse out there. 




Your guidance and support through this magnificent process is phenomenal. I am so excited to be on this amazing journey .

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The world is a better place with your dedication and commitment. I am truly proud to be a part of your mission.



Your novels should become required reading in high school. Gerry Visca is the modern day Dr.  Seuss! 

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