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The Movie Screenplay - now published as a Book on Amazon

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An inspiring movie series based on the novel trilogy written by Gerry Visca


Genre and themes:

Inspirational/Romance/Drama/Comedy Drama 

Logline: A movie of hope for our times.

Lilly Fiels is a 49 year old New York successful architect who has lost herself and the love of her life in the non stop pursuit of success. She’s at a breaking point, where she is burned out, numb and questioning all of it but has no clue what she needs to do. She’s on the hamster wheel of success and increasingly finds herself day dreaming, in between meetings and daily trappings, of a life and love she had at one point experienced with Lazlo.


Suddenly an accident on the way to a meeting with developers in BC plunges her into a life changing near death experience. The story then takes us back and forth from Lilly’s life in the present to her NDE, where she is presented with the “7 Gifts of Life” represented by a diverse set of memorable and unique characters that guide Lilly to see the miracles of life that have always been there.

Now available as a 600-page Book on Amazon: 

Includes Season 1 & 2, the cast, the actors, behind the scenes and the original movie series screenplay.


The story centers around themes of 

love, forgiveness, tragedy, marriage, friendship, death, family, spirituality, and wisdom. This 4-part movie series (with the ability to expand into multiple sequels and prequels) opens one's mind . . . to change one's life.

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Genre and themes:

Inspirational/Romance/Drama/Comedy Drama 


A New York-based architect and pharmaceutical executive are seeking a deeper meaning in life. They meet at a Tuscan Villa during a retreat and discover more than great cuisine and cannoli’s. Their instant attraction thrusts them onto a collision course of change.  


Upon the invitation from the Villa owner, the couple decides to leave their frenetic New York lives behind in pursuit of a simpler life.  A week long retreat turns into a year at the Villa — and is filled with highs and lows as they both confront their pasts while struggling to open their hearts and forge a new life in the Tuscan countryside. 


Their serene life takes a serious turn when they decide to host a retreat for couples.

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Everyone on the planet, regardless of age, gender or geographical location is searching for the same thing: a deeper meaning in life.

I exist to write and create novels and movies that lift the human spirit and create greater awareness for who we are and why we are here..

~ Gerry Visca

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From novel to screenplay... 

The Life I Didn't Notice,

a new genre

of movies that matter.


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