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Receive 3 WHY NOVELS with WHY TIME 

WHY TIME is a profound one-on-one conversation with your soul. 

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Inspired Feedback

Why time exudes positive energy! It provides motivating and actionable content that encourages the audience to take accountability for their own success and re-evaluate their vision, tactics and mindset in order to be the best version of themselves.  ~ Chiara J-Megna

Thank you so much for the gift of Why Time. It was an honour to be in that space with you. You have helped me strengthen my roots. You have made a huge impact in my life with just one phone call. Thank you for sharing your gift. I’m eternally grateful." ~ Moin Zafar

Thank you Gerry, for the spending the time and seeing into my soul and heart. You really found your why!! And your awesome at it! Happy thankful greetings and good night from Africa ~ Petra Kniemeyer

Why Time with Gerry was emotional and inspirational. Our conversation regarding my purpose was truly a gift. The question of: "Am I on the Right Path?, Why Am I Here and My Purpose" haunted me for a lifetime. My sincere gratitude for the enlightenment. ~ Nat Colston ~ California

Just had my WHY TIME with Gerry who is absolutely phenomenal. Gerry is truly inspiring and very effective at helping you clarify your path towards living your higher purpose...Ultimately "WHY YOU ARE HERE".

~ Chantal Watier

"For decades I have tip-toed around my WHY delivering little pieces of value here and there. THEN EMMA MET GERRY. Today I stand unapologetically on top of my WHY alongside my #whytribe - three fingers in the air ready to unleash Every Body who is Inspired to be Explosively Bold.

~ Emma Barry

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The Deeper WHY that I ignite is your true reason for being.  Within the deepest and wisest part of you lives the answer to the only question that matters:

Why am I Here?  

The path begins with the Invitation, learning to listen to the whisper of your soul. The second stage is the Awareness for who you really are... allowing the way to unfold through inspired action. The ultimate point of arrival is The Acceptance... becoming that which you have been seeking.


The WHY experiences are created to help you Ignite and Live your deeper WHY. When you ignite and live through your deeper WHY then the World is Helped by You.  



Inspiring 1 Million WHYs


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