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As I sit and bask in our simplified life - the scent of freshly-ground coffee wafts in the air of our serene space I call HOME.

HOME ~ a word, an energy , a place, a point of arrival -- a warm blanket that comforts my soul.

HOME ~ you took me a lifetime to find you. God whispered that I was looking in all the wrong places. I chose the roads less travelled. I thought you existed behind a white picket fence, tucked safely away in the double car garage, submerged in the deep end of the kidney-shaped pool.

HOME ~ I hoped I would find you in the next contract -- the next win -- the shiny "surprise" at the end of the rainbow.

HOME ~ I searched for you in every song, lyric and verse. Little did I know that you existed as a whisper - mute to the human ear -- yet a thunderous roar in the belly of my soul.

HOME ~ I sought you out in ocean-blue eyes, locks of flowing hair, family meals spread across a harvest table -- a cornucopia of intoxicating scents and blissful wonder.

HOME ~ I saw you in my dreams -- drawing me in like a moth to a flame -- unable to turn away. Hypnotized by your gaze. I couldn't see -- I lost myself in your delusional world.

Years passed...

Sunrises rose and faded out with the stillness of night -- I was too lost to look up and marvel at your miraculous gift.

People, places, projects came and went like the changing of seasons.

I poured myself into you,

I gave you my heart -- my mind,

my inspiration, my time, my focus -- you had it all yet I sat in the comfort of my REDCHAIR - lost and alone.

I prayed I'd find you.

I longed to feel your love.

I saw us walking hand-in-hand. Tip to tip. One heart. One beat.

Every moment -- a delicious adventure, a climb back into my soul -- back to what matters.

HOME ~ you were always there - a thousand years of waiting - anticipating, longing for you to renter my world.

My Love, you are my HOME.

My way of experiencing the miracle of life.

My calm, my symphony, my muse.

My inspiration, my desire.

My intention, my expression.

You are ALL that is good and pure in this world.

You are the only moment that matters.

You are and forever will be ~ my HOME.

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