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Updated: Aug 13, 2021

The month of May has been the second most reflective moment of my life. The first was sitting in the hospital holding my daughters hand and watching her breathe.

It all began with my life partner Angela, choosing to spend a month a part. She always dreamed of traveling to Europe on her own.

As I dropped her off at the Toronto airport on Monday night, I felt a bit like one of the male characters in the movie [Eat. Pray. Love]. Ironically, Angela even referenced the movie a few days later in one of her social media posts. I smiled.

Like a fast moving river, hundreds of thoughts swam through my mind. I’m sure you’ve experienced that turbulent current pulling you in all sorts of directions.

  • Would this be the last time I see her?

  • Will this be the start of something new that I need to embrace?

  • You’ve been there before G, I reminded myself.

So as I tearfully drove away from the Airport's departure level, I decided to set an intention for the experience I wanted to feel. I called it MORE.

I know what you’re thinking, bachelor and party time! Nothing would be further from the truth. That’s just not me. It never has been.

I wanted to experience a MORE meaningful connection to ME. I decided to shut off much of the noise from the external world. I call that “unwanted sound.”

I set the intention for MORE mindfulness in every action.

What I’ve come to realize while being in a loving relationship is that it’s easy to lose the connection to the Soul of your True Self. I’m a big giver and lover of others closest to me that I sometimes forget to give MORE to myself.

MORE is about falling back with arms open wide and catching myself.

MORE is about noticing the imperfections and loving every facet of my being.

MORE is about taking stock of the life I’ve consciously co-created.

It’s now the 3rd Monday since Angela ventured onward towards fulfilling her bucket list. I kicked off this motivational morning with a 'run to the sun'. I meditated on my favourite rock along the stillness of the lake. As the great ball of fire pushed through the horizon, it ignited the morning sky with the most brilliant red and orange I had ever witnessed. It was in that moment where I felt connected to the 'oneness of my spirit' and my higher self.

This month has been a profound and rich experience. I’ve learned to savour a deeper flavour for every moment. I’ve journeyed to the mountain of my Soul. Quite literally as I completed my newest novel titled: “Why am I here?”

I celebrated my nephews wedding, embraced my loving Mother and inspired a multitude of WHY TIME; a profound conversation with people's higher self.

I’ve prayed, smiled, laughed, cooked and observed the hidden meaning of MORE than ever before.

Angela gave me one of the greatest treasures that I lovingly unwrapped; the Gift of the Present Moment.

What will bring MORE meaning to your life?

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