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A Text from my Soul

How will you know you've arrived?

I remember like it was yesterday. It was 3:11am and I was alerted by a single beep from my phone. Ever since my dad passed away I had been noticing the number 3:11. Of course a smaller part of me simply rationalized that it was simply a coincidence. The funny thing is I’ve been contemplating my time here on this earth now more than ever.

As I attempted to fall asleep a restlessness took its hold of me. The phone beeped a second time and then a third. “Ok, this is getting ridiculous,” I whispered to myself.

The funny thing is I wasn’t the one whispering! It was my soul urging me to “wake up.”

“It’s time to answer your question,” my soul continued. “What question?” I replied hesitantly.

“Stop playing games Gerry, you wrote the question years ago and you’ve been asking it ever since.”

Moments later, I walked over to my phone sitting in my studio. It glowed with a sense of purpose. As I turned it over it revealed a single text from a ‘known number ~ 3:11’. The message read: “How will you know you’ve arrived?”

My soul was right. I’ve been asking that question ever since I awoke to the deeper reason for my being. I’ve been inspiring thousands of people over the years to answer the only question that matters: “Why am I Here?” Yet, despite my soul’s deeper awareness of its existence this nagging question continued to shadow me like a heat-seeking missile: “How will I know I’ve arrived?”

I looked out to the stillness of the morning while holding my phone. The realization hit me like a freight train. I was moving my life forward but I was on the wrong track. For years I allowed my mind and body to answer that question. I knew I had arrived when I reached the following:

  • Financial independence

  • Peace of mind

  • Accomplished goals

  • Completed projects

  • More clients

Why was my soul restless? Why am I being awoken at 3:11 in the morning. What is the “bigger picture” I am meant to see?

Just then my soul asked me to sit down as it whispered, “It’s time we had a deeper look at your life, Gerry.”

“What is it that you want me to see?” I hesitantly replied.

“It’s not about pursuing, chasing or doing more, it’s about “being” that is why we are here. To experience our highest self through mind, body and me; soul. So, Gerry how will you know you’ve arrived?”

I placed a hand upon my heart and tears filled my eyes as I softly answered. “By letting go and simply being.”

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