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A Whisper to the Universe

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Dearest Universe...

I know we haven't spoken for a while. The moment has arrived to share a revelation from my soul. I feel the times we human beings find ourselves in, is your way of urging us to look up and see the bigger picture.

You filled this world with selfless gifts... what have WE given back to you?

You enabled the law of attraction... what have WE reflected in return?

You blessed us with the harmony of nature... where clean rivers flow, seasons change and forests grow... how have WE honoured your gifts of life?

Dearest Universe...

You revealed that our visit to this earth is brilliant but brief... what have WE co-created with the time we've been given?

You showed us the way to love,

to heal and to feel.

You helped us dance with the soul of life,

manifested our greatest desires.

Dearest Universe...

I can see clearly now the signs were always there,

miracles concealed between the lines,

lessons inscribed in the scars of our past.

We stopped looking up,

we buried our heads in the sand,

lost our way in the pursuit of more,

abandoned the things that truly matter.

Dearest Universe...

You asked for little in return.

You pondered through patience.

You listened as we wished upon the stars.

Dearest Universe...

I speak with the outmost humility to you now.

I fear your call has gone unanswered for far too long.

I whisper words of gratitude and weep tears from the soul.

What I know for certain is your reason for being shines like the sun.

We can see clearly now,

everything is connected...

everything is one.

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