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The Life I Noticed by Gerry Visca is a fiction of a life's journey in connection with the soul of humans. It's a fairy tale of an "inner ninja," Samil, and a one-minute heaven experience. Lilly, the protagonist, got stuck finding the true meaning of life and existence during the days of her 49th year on earth. Her near-death experience after her accident, which claimed her lover's life, Lazlo, left her within the confinement of emotional and psychological derailment. The book went further to narrate the resuscitation process in the life of Lilly after she was discharged from the hospital. Her experiences with different people and in different places narrowed her scope and helped shape her life into the world Lazlo has long envisaged for her. It x-rayed the defining truth surrounding the complexity in her origin. This reality would help her embrace forgiveness while steering the wheels of her life (a lesson from her one minute in heaven). This book is a catalyst of hope, courage, and a redefining track process of a life worth living. It is full of suspense strongly beautified in arrays of pages filled with dialogues between parties for an easy and more precise understanding of the concepts. I admire the author's figurative speech. He describes every moment, time, and place with a suitable simile or metaphor, thereby giving room for deeper insight into the abstract picture in her mind. I also commend the respective roles of the individual characters in the book. Each played a significant role in driving lessons home and generating nuggets that promote good interpersonal relationships within a community. The preservation of history in photographs and artefacts also stands out in this masterpiece. It is an admiration for history that truly gave meaning to Lilly in finding her true self. A book was devoid of horrors, attacks, and terrific activities which might scare the cradle members of the society. It is a compendium of moral lessons in gaining self-responsibility, building healthy relationships, hospitality, parental care, and character development. I am most thrilled by the inspirational quotes from 'The Life I Didn't Notice', the prequel to 'The Life I Noticed'. Where Lilly had a near-death experience and its lessons serve as a daily unfolding guide to building up a better and healthier life. I wish to state that I found no negative impediment in this book. I wish to rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. This is due to its literary arrangements in beautiful styles and for the vocabulary and literature development of the reader. I must justify the judicious work done by the author in carefully proofreading the text. Hence, I think it was professionally edited. I strongly recommend this book to teenagers and youths who desire to build good interpersonal skills in managing relationships. Also, I recommend it to a frustrated reader; it would cast rays of light into an undiscovered path in your life in living up to your full potential. The book would still suit parents and caregivers for effective and productive parenting.

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