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Updated: Aug 13, 2021

For as long as I can remember, I've always questioned Why am I here? I guess that's the reason I've dedicated my life's work to helping people answer the only question that matters in the end.

This reflective journey has taken me across 7 countries, deep into the rolling hills of Tuscany and into the pages of my soul. With every step forward I found myself making a deeper climb toward the summit of acceptance for who I really am and the way the world will be helped by me.

Why am I here?
The question had me leaving the field of architecture that I was initially trained and educated in. I still recall the words that one of my wise old mentors, Lazlo said, "Gerry, you don't belong here... your soul is meant to experience a different path." It eventually took 10 years for those words of wisdom to sink in.

So, I went from building buildings to building up people. The journey guided me to a life of inspiring others, casting a light on their deeper reason for being and publishing their deeper WHY in meaningful publications with readers spanning 11 countries.

The greatest impact on my journey of asking Why am I here was shortly after my father passed away. He always read my earlier self-help books but I knew that I had only scratched the surface. That's when the vision appeared. For 3 consecutive weeks my father entered my dreams at 3:11am holding a red book under his arm and eventually he revealed the title and the author, "Remembering." He just nodded and smiled as if listening to my soul.

It was at that point that I made the most profound climb and wrote 4 transformational novels. This journey revealed that our lives are nothing short of a miracle if we would just begin to look up and reach up into the highest part of ourselves.

So, I pour myself into creating transformational stories and meaningful experiences that will inspire 1 million people to ask and live the only question that stirs the soul and guides us to the life we're meant to live.

Why am I here?

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