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Fits your soul...

You arrive.

You depart.

Somewhere in between the linen sheets of your existence the oldest and wisest part of you... your soul, clings to the hope that you'll eventually listen with the intent to understand the meaning of it all...that is, why you're here, why you exist.

Let's get real, shall we. Like most people, the pursuit of KNOWING WHY hasn't been much of a priority for you. It's not like your second-grade teacher knew how to help you connect to it. The pre-historic aptitude tests conceived by the school boards around the same time the wheel was invented weren't much help either... they were too busy trying to narrow down the career path you should follow.

The pressures of friends, parents, grandparents, nosy neighbors, and guidance councilors felt more like vice grips squeezing your brain. So, you did what 90% of people in their late teens did... you chose a college or university and a diploma/degree that has the same consistency of single-ply toilet paper... what is it really good for?

Fast-forward and you find yourself swimming dizzily into a vast sea we call "a career path" just to appease line 150 for the tax collectors. Days roll into weeks, weeks flow into months and months aimlessly trundle into years gone by.

You awake in the middle of the night to the sound of the water sprinklers spraying your freshly-manicured lawn. You wander through your walk-in-closet like a zombie contemplating the life you've been wearing all these years.

Deep down something about your life just doesn't fit despite the 5:00am online fitness routine. A whisper emanates in harmony with the pulsing jets of your shower head. You can't quite rationalize it. You should be happy... you have fully participated in the creation of your life. No matter how much caffeine you drip into your veins nothing seems to answer the "wake-up call."

If 2020 has revealed a hint of clarity it's that we're still looking in all the wrong places for the meaning of life. We're not listening to the only sound that matters: the one imprinted upon your soul long before Facebook and NetFlix arrived on the scene. It's the sound that will have you drumming to a new beat, one that has you dancing with your soul.

Why wait until the end of your episode to answer the only question that will begin to awaken a deeper meaning for your life: Why am I here?

Today, is a new day. A fresh start. A REALization that your journey in life to this point has been a brilliant dress rehearsal for the ultimate cinematic adventure that you are about to star in... the one headlining the REAL you: your life... the life you are meant to live. But the casting begins with you making the ultimate climb back into your soul. The time has arrived to lace up a new pair of shoes and strap on a new outfit that fits your true way of being.

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