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In this so-called "connection age" do you feel that your creative genius is connecting with the hearts and minds of the people you serve?

Are you happy, fulfilled and overflowing with new levels of abundance? Or, like 7 billion people on the planet do you feel like no one really knows the REAL you?

Years ago, I emerged out of the architectural industry that I trained and educated in to create a world of inspiration. I was compelled to "build up people" instead of buildings. I launched a hybrid creative company ~ Redchair Branding to creatively inspire people and their ideas to action. We captured several international branding awards for our ability to "connect".

A few vintages later, I transcended the vision of the company into a creative coaching and inspired publishing house where we've ignited thousands of entrepreneurs, published 22 + books and dozens of global publications and recently captured an "Indie Book Award". My focus has always been inspiring 1 Million WHYs.

So, why am I sharing this with you? In this noisy world you may find yourself struggling to CONNECT with the hearts of others. You're probably being pulled in by the current and drowning in the latest social media trend, trying to keep your head above water.

Like most people, you're losing yourself in a surface-based "candy land" - a world filled with sugary treats and juicy hits of dopamine designed to keep you coming back for more. Like most empty promises you might find yourself craving a bit more substance to connect with the hearts and minds of your clients and customers.

Don't get me wrong, social media is a superb pairing to a fullbody marketing experience designed to CONNECT, INSPIRE and ENGAGE your audience.

Instead of pumping 90% of your oxygen into an already noisy and over-inflated world of social media - consider diversifying your mediums. Creating fresh ways to connect with the people you serve is never out of fashion. It's time to go "old school" baby and mix it up a bit. Here are some of my top hits for standing out from the crowd:

1. Direct Mail

I'm a huge fan of using hand-written and personalized greeting cards, calling cards, book markers and wisdom cards to keep in touch with clients. I call this the "Four Seasons Approach". There is nothing better than receiving something personal in your mailbox.

2. Events

You've got to get in front of people, face-to-face and heart-to-heart. Sorry Mark, but social media is too one-dimensional and you're missing out on the power of REAL human connection. An opportunity to engage and LISTEN with the intent to understand others. We love hosting book launch events, magazine debut parties and Think Tanks on a consistent basis as a more meaningful way to engage and inspire.

3. Publishing

Nothing beats a really great book published on soft linen paper. Remember, we're human beings not machines. We crave sensory experiences. As a 22 + author and spiritual novelist, I will never stop writing and creating really great books. Human beings evolved through stories and it's one of the top ways to truly differentiate yourself from the herd. You might be thinking it's way too difficult to write and publish your own book so that's why we created a collaborative book series like, "I Know Why", "Big Dreamers" and "Influence" as an inspiring way to connect you to something BIGGER than yourself - a vision of 1 Million WHYS.

4. Workshops and Programs

If you're an expert in your trade - then you might be missing out on sharing your expertise with intimate and large groups. Workshops can be designed as two-hour or full day experiences. Mix in a few online opportunities but focus on getting in front of people - this is a meaningful way to introduce your unique online programs.

5. Retreats

For the past couple of years, my life partner Angela and I have been hosting creative retreats in Tuscany for writers, creative entrepreneurs and couples. It's our unique way of turning off the noise, tuning into what really matters and going deeper below the surface in one of the most soul-warming places on earth. Retreats like our seven-day Tuscan experience allows you to focus on what really matters. I do my best work in the heart of Tuscany, it's why I spend two months of the year writing my novels.

You're not alone. Perhaps you just need a fresh dose of inspired thinking. Reach out to us and we'll help you GET CREATIVE by going deeper. You bring the coffee and we'll bring the inspiration.

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