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Greater Meaning

What will bring greater meaning to my life?

I recall years ago standing on the edge of one of Canada's most prestigious construction projects: The ROM, interviewing the builder for an upcoming Globe and Mail column.

The cranes above teetered.

Sparks from welders flamed.

White puff clouds steamed.

A shudder rocked from within. It was in that moment that I heard a whisper emanating from the depths of my soul:

"What will bring greater meaning to my life?"

This singular question binds every human being, regardless of geography, gender or pigment. We all seek greater meaning in our lives.

We want to know our lives mattered.

We desire answers from the universe.

They say that in the few moments before our death the answer to life's greatest riddle will be revealed.

"What will bring greater meaning to my life?"

Back to the edge of that wondrous museum, overlooking the Toronto horizon. I found myself opening my heart for the first time in my life.

Tears pooled.

My heart pounded.

My body ached.

I hunched over, seemingly in significant pain. A tribe of executive onlookers sporting Armani suits cast me smoldering stares. It was the first time that I allowed myself the appearance of public vulnerability... like most men, it was an unrecognizable behavior, an unwanted visitor. All I could do was turn the other cheek and gaze across the distant horizon. A wind howled through towering skyscrapers... a familiar voice echoed across the stars:

"What will bring greater meaning to my life?"

The answer revealed itself as a silent whisper within: "Service to others."

The key word in this self-revelation is "others"... no longer serving my ego but rather, listening to another fellow human being... really listening with the intent to understand "others" - their soul's deepest desire.

"What will bring greater meaning to my life?"

It was as if I was suddenly propelled into my future self. I looked up. The line between Heaven and earth blurred.

Holding a woman's hand on bended knee.

Scribing words in the hills of Tuscany.

Guiding actors through a soulful screenplay.

The "way" was but a distant whisper... uncannily prescient.

A spark.

A flash.

A hope.

As I sit here twenty odd years later sharing these wondrous words with you, dear reader, glancing up at the novels I've written, scanning the storyboards and scrawled pages of a recent screenplay I conceived, a smile warms my heart for the life I left behind.

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