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"Uncover your Passion.
Do what you love and let Life do the rest."
~ Gerry Visca

The sounds of a car alarm screeches in a blissful night.

Another “live” video promises you the secrets to success. Fuck I detest those videos!

A relentless friend calls for the 17th time begging you to try her next batch of Kool-Aid.

No matter how hard you attempt to go within the world you and I find ourselves coexisting in makes it virtually impossible to find inner peace.

We have created a society that breeds external validation. It exists at the foundation of the very fabric of our reality. It claims, buzzes and shouts from every rooftop. Is there no escaping it?

~ The promises?

~ The seduction?

~ The delusion?

Perhaps, there exists a wisp of hope glimmering deep with you. A place that once upon a time bellowed like a fire breathing dragon. You lived as a Samurai slashing your way through the jungle of disbelief. With your super cape drifting freely from your shoulders you leaped any obstacle in a single bound.

What was this super power that you possessed and where did it originate?

It was the JOY of YOU. You were the one that sparked your soul. You loved being you. You found pleasure in the simple things like:

~ A walk in nature.

~ Losing yourself in a great read only to find yourself within the story.

~ Witnessing the miracle of your life.

The JOY of YOU overflowed like a frothy latte. It carried you along a river of curiosity. Every new discovery imprinted a smile upon your reddish cheeks. And, just like gravity you were your own unstoppable force.

The JOY of YOU could be seen across the sky. It beamed into the heavens and cascaded upon the earth like a soft spring rain.

You didn’t rely on thousands of “likes” to reveal the truth of who you are and you didn’t need to bask in a sea of shopping malls to swim in oceans of sheer bliss.

The JOY of YOU was a beacon in the darkness. It attracted lost souls and helped them find their way.

The JOY of YOU is your ‘passion’ and your ‘light force’ that pulls the world together. No one and certainly no thing can touch the beauty of your soul in a way that you can.

Perhaps it’s time to silence the unwanted sound in the streets, press the ‘mute’ button and visit with an old friend - the wisest part of you, your soul.

Smile as you embrace your true self for you will have rediscovered the JOY of YOU.

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