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Keep your WHY alive!

Here are my top tips for keeping you CONNECTED to your deeper WHY.

WHY TIME is a one-on-one conversation with me and your soul - the deepest part of you that desires above all else to "express itself". The magic of WHY TIME is being present and deeply connected to your soul's desire. The emotional journey that I take you on is extracting the ONE THING that you want most - what your soul has been seeking to express.

Towards the end of our session I eloquently reveal why you exist in the form of a phrase: "I Exist To ...

What typically follows are tears of joy and a profound sense of exhilaration. You feel a sense of arrival and in that one moment - you are connected to a deeper part of you. The external world doesn't matter - the only thing that matters is your higher self is now aware.

I then present you with some WHY WORK to help you keep it alive so you can continue to hear your soul's whisper in the noise of the world - not an easy thing to do for you will be pulled away from the current of "others".

My 7 WHY ACTIONS for the next 30 days.

See WHY TIME as the "INVITATION" from your soul. Now, it's time to ignite the next stage -- "AWARENESS".

  • What is truly possible for your life?

  • What will be the WAY that you live through your deeper WHY.

  • How will you view the synchronicities - the signs that appear along your expanded journey of "AWARENESS"?

These 7 WHY ACTIONS honour the 7 Sacred Souls that I wrote about in my two latest novels, "The Life I Didn't Notice" and "Why Am I Here?" These 7 gifts nurture and breathe life into your deeper WHY so you need to stay close to the fire.


The sacred GIFT OF LOVE is belief.

  • Immediately following WHY TIME - write your deeper WHY that I shared on a fresh sheet of paper with a sense of belief and certainty. Enter the words and the feelings into your "MY WHY" journal (available on my WHY STORE). Feel the LOVE of your deeper WHY coursing through you. Express gratitude to your soul and it's connection to the soul of the universe.

  • Read 7 pages from one of your 3 WHY BOOKS (your WHY PACK) - commit to carving out the time for this powerful success habit.


The sacred GIFT OF BLISS is passion.

  • Within 2 hours (same day as your WHY TIME) share a short 60 second video on social media as to WHY you are on fire in this mome

nt. "I know why I exist -- I just had WHY TIME with WHY GUY Gerry Visca and I need to share what's in my soul!" Keep your message simple and filled with unbridled joy.


The sacred GIFT OF TIME is the present moment.

  • All of your creation exists in this ONE MOMENT. You need to learn how to still your mind and go within to connect to this creative energy. Reach out to my life partner Angela Kontgen and learn how to train your brain - every morning (beginning with Day 2) sit in 11 minutes of stillness and GO WITHIN TO GROW WITHIN.


The sacred GIFT OF TRUTH is the revelation of your true self.

  • Write out your WHY STATEMENT - "I Exist To ..." on a fresh sheet of paper and post it everywhere - your bathroom wall so you see it first thing every morning. Your car visor, your cell phone home page ... immerse yourself into your WHY.

  • Every morning close your eyes (7 minutes after meditating) visualize yourself becoming the very thing you are seeking - this is your deeper WHY.


The sacred GIFT OF LIGHT is igniting the WAY.

  • Commit to ONE daily action of becoming your deeper WHY. Don't allow your "rational brain" to highjack your creative process. You don't need to kn

ow HOW and you don't need to know what the HELL you are doing! You just need to surrender, trust and take daily action.

  • Blog. Share. Plan that event. Connect. Inspire one person. Write. Read. Move yourself one step forward. Your WHY ignites the WAY only when you take action and begin to open new doorways where only walls once existed.


The sacred GIFT OF FORGIVENESS is healing.

  • To become your deeper WHY means you need to do something new that you didn't already do! You must disentangle yourself from the past that is tethering your spirit like a ship in port. BREAK FREE. Clear the energy and the path by seeing everything and everyone as one of your greatest teachers meant to guide you to your highest self. Today is a new day so LET GO and LET GOD.

  • Every night before drifting off to sleep use your gratitude journal and write out the 3-5 things you are most grateful for the day - begin with "I am so happy and grateful that I am taking action on living and becoming my deeper WHY." Gratitude shapes your attitude.


The sacred GIFT OF DEATH is life.

  • Instead of worrying what others might say about the way you desire to live your one precious life [FOCUS] instead on living each day as if it were your last.

  • Post a reminder note that reads: "If this were my last day am I living it with passion and purpose?" Don't waste another precious moment being anything but what your soul longs to become.

Your deeper WHY is a way of BEING so begin your journey by becoming it.
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