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Living What Matters

The things that trigger us are also the greatest opportunities for growth.

Angela shared these words with me over a steamy conversation this morning. I was recently reminded just how toxic unresolved emotions can be if left unchecked. They are like cancer, lingering silently below the surface . . . waiting to reveal itself and wreak havoc upon a mind, body and soul that is seeking peace.

For the past 20 years I have dedicated my life to the listening of souls. I exist to creatively inspire people and their ideas to action. I love helping others creatively express what is in their soul. Some clients see me as their 'life architect', others, their WHY GUY. I strive to inspire people to ignite + live their deeper WHY ~ their true reason for being. I believe inside every human being there exists a deeper calling and when ignited + lived then the World is Helped by You.

I believe the world needs a return to WHY now more than ever. We’ve all lost ourselves in the chase . . . the land of more and silently long to reconnect to something meaningful with the time we have been given. Everyone on the planet, regardless of age, gender or geographical location is searching for the same thing: a deeper meaning in life . . . the WHY behind it all.

For the past 15 years I've weaved my life force deep into the margins of this movement - 1 MILLION WHYS . . . igniting, coaching and publishing REAL people and REAL voices. Through our boutique publishing house, we have witnessed hundreds of souls coming to life, breaking through the surface and the routine struggles of life . . . reclaiming their voice and proudly declaring from the rooftops: "this is why I exist . . ."

I'll be honest. I don't recognize this world . . . a Meta Verse that has whisked us all on a magic carpet at the speed of thought. We're being measured by 'likes' not contribution. I find myself asking the bigger question once again: Why am I here? I've reached a crossroads. I can't see a way through the noise - the unwanted sound. What will they say years from now?

What will our collective verse be?

Despite the tug-of-war raging within my soul I push through the pain.

I focus on living a life of greater meaning.

A life of purpose.

A life of noticing.

A life of being in-spirit.

A life where I'm not defined by a lack of likes.

I'm reminded of the poets, the artists, the visionaries of the past. The ones that defied the system by defining themselves. The unknowns, the misfits, the outcasts. Their imperfection is what made them so perfect - so brilliant. They were crazy enough to believe that they could inspire the world and you know what they did! By silently defining their Why they inspired others to do the same.

In the darkness of the night I hear the quiet whisper of my soul.

"Keep going WHY GUY, you're not done yet!"

So, I turn my attention to our next collaborative creation . . .

an inspiring theme . . .

a way of being . . .

a guide for living . . .

Living What Matters.

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