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Spare some change?


It's all around us.


The food we eat.

The people we meet.

The air we breathe and the fallen leaves.

As certain as death and taxes, change is an inevitable way of life.

There's no escaping it. No matter how hard you attempt to control it change is engrained in our evolution.

Funny thing about change is that without it nothing really changes!

So why do we resist it?

Why the push back?

Hoping for things to be as they once were... a 'return to normal.'

What is 'normal'?

How does a spinning world of motion evolve by sitting on its ass?

Hell, seasons change so why can't we?

The bigger wave we need to contemplate while surfing NETFLIX is:

What is the change WE need to become?

I say WE, cause like it or not, we're all on this life train together. There's no point looking back. No matter how much energy you give it, the past is behind you so maybe it's time to stop looking over your shoulder. While we're at it, your future is only the result of the change you choose to become today.

Change fuels dreams.
Change is the root of innovation.

At a cellular level, change is who WE really are. You think that iPhone you fondly refer to as 'your precious' made its way into your life without change?

Change is colour.
Change is life.
Change nurtures growth.

We only need to look at nature (that view outside your window) to grasp the deeper meaning of change as a gift of life. It's one of God's many miracles that often goes unnoticed.

Change can be our greatest teacher. A spark of hope... a ray of light... a gift of time.

So today I welcome change with an open heart and an untethered soul. I embrace where I've been and the life I've seen.

I cherish all of it!

The hearts I've touched, the WHY's I whispered and the pages I filled.

God willing, change will help me find the words yet to be written.

The story of us.

The day we changed the world.

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