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Surface of Life

The leaves have turned.

A turtleneck hugs my neck.

The wind echoes a changing of seasons.

My latte steams next to the window.

This morning I asked my love, Angela, to pick a Wisdom Card from our new deck, ‘Living What Matters.’ She let out a hesitant grunt. “Do I really need to do this now?”

All we have is now. Isn’t that the point of our new book—a guide for living?

She stabs the deck with her long slender fingers — withdrawing a 3 x 4 card from its cozy nest. She purses her lips, exhaling a long-winded sigh, her eyes scanning the question with salient urgency.

“What is the impact of living on the surface of life?”

I cast her a loving smile—my brain reeling back with time—two months earlier, when we conceived our next publishing theme. I curl my hands around the deck of Wisdom Cards—wrapping them with an elastic band. I place them lovingly on the windowsill, next to Angela’s baby Buddha.

I’ve come to an understanding that nothing is random. Angela’s Wisdom Card grips my heart like a vice. The question weaves itself through my mind, stitching past with present.

“What is the impact of living on the surface of life?”

A pain of regret pierces my side like a pointy spear. I spent so much of my precious life treading the surface—unaware of WHO I really was. I was afraid of going deeper, uncovering the truth of WHY I was here. Like most people, I lost myself in the delusional land of more. I pursued other people’s dreams of who I should be. I lived in a distant future—unaware of the power of the present moment—the only time that matters—where all creation is possible.

I’ve come to the realization that living on the surface of life is easy. It doesn’t require too much thought. Our lives are continually set to autopilot.

  • same routines

  • familiar patterns

  • safety in comfort

Is that really living?

Is it the path toward becoming the best version of ourselves? Can our deeper WHY—our true reason for being, burst to life when we suppress the passion for our soul?

It’s through discomfort that we truly notice the miracle of life—the gifts hidden in the margins of our soul. It’s the unfamiliar that opens new doorways of possibility—defibrillates our passion for living what matters.

Living on the surface of life will only get me so far. Today, I choose to swim deeper, boldly below the surface. I have a burning desire to push beyond comfort and explore the hidden mysteries of our vast universe.

Today, I will dare to be different.

I will challenge convention.

I will uncover deeper truths of who I am and what I desire to experience with the time I’ve been given.

This is living what matters.

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