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The Land of More is Killing Me!

What's the last thing you do before your head hits the down-filled pillow? Let me guess: you check the social media newsfeed right? Your new oversized phone is poised on your night stand. It never sleeps. It's too busy searching for new ways to keep you glued to the land of more.

  • MORE posts.

  • MORE islands to navigate.

  • MORE alerts.

Your mind eventually drifts off to never-never land with the help of Mr. Sandman who hopelessly attempts to connect your dreams with the realm of the unseen world... the creative domain where your soul longs to be. But the seductive habit from the land of more blocks you from seeing the light, the bigger picture, the meaning of life.

What are the "dreams" and "desires" that consume your daily thoughts? Are they filled with love, gratitude, forgiveness, passion and purpose for the life you're meant to live? Or like most people, are they consumed with the clanging noise of fear, anxiety, comparison, lack, and envy infused from the land of more?

Let's face it friends, we're being pulled in by the relentless current of the external world. There was a time not so long ago that you didn't need a cellphone running every goddamn aspect of your life. You consciously looked up, marveled a sunrise, embraced a loved one by gazing purposefully into their eyes.

If the corporate giants have their way your phone will be surgically implanted into the palm of your hand. Your pupils will be embedded with an AI chip designed to keep your permanently "connected" 24-7.

The land of more has become an unstoppable force. A snowball that has morphed into a global avalanche toppling everything that is REAL. Once we begin to unplug we'll come the realization that we've all contributed to this storm. The time has arrived to step back, reclaim our humanity and ask ourselves:

"Is this ravenous beast truly capable of love? Is this disconnected way of being really serving our higher good?"

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