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The Story of Us...

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

What are these times revealing about ourselves?

What is the hidden meaning concealed between the lines--the deeper message we're all meant to grasp? Have we opened ourselves to seeing it?

What will our collective legacy be? What will future generations say about the way we lived?

Will they say that we connected to the deeper meaning of our existence?

Will they notice that we learned to pause, to look up, to open our hearts, and to embrace the true miracle of life?

Will they feel that we learned to become one... that we cast aside our delusional differences... that we looked beyond the pigment and the perceived imperfections—and instead embraced every human being as a brother, as a sister, and as a child of God?

Will they share that we abandoned our relentless pursuit of MORE in favour of savouring less?

Will they sing songs or tell tales celebrating the way we helped one another embrace love over fear?

Will they write fables that capture our inspired acts of compassion?

Everyone of us is connected to the fate of the world. We all live and breathe the same earthly air. We all rise with a blazing star and wish upon a celestial sky. No one in this world is separate from one another:

We all bleed,

We all feel,

We all love,

We all fear,

We all weep.

Everything is connected. Everything is one.

Inside us all is a profound verse that will help define and shape the story of us:

The story of true connection... of what it means to be human--the story of a time when the world began to heal through deeper levels of connection.

This is a story that my soul desires to write--a story of a time well-lived. A story that collectively contributes to the evolution of humanity. A story that will honour our unique gifts, our light, and our deeper reason for being.

This is a story that has the potential to CONNECT us all at a time when the world has lost its way to what truly matters: that we are here NOW, to celebrate the gift of life, to receive the hidden miracles, to open the unwrapped gifts of what it really means to be one.

This is a story of you, me, and us.

So, share your verse in the Book of Connection by answering humanity's bigger question:

What is possible through deeper levels of connection?

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