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The Theory of Why

"Life isn't about asking How.
Life is about knowing Why!"

~ Gerry Visca

We emerge into this world whole and complete yet somewhere along the way we begin to complicate our lives. We de-evolve from 'human beings' into 'human doings' - always pursuing, climbing and chasing more. Throughout our quest for power and control we seem to have lost sight of who we truly are and more importantly, why we are here.

Each one of us exists with a defined reason for being. Every human being that has ever walked this earth has a profound stitch to sew into the fabric of life. We've lost sight that we're all connected at a deeper level and it's through this awareness that we will discover mankind's true reason for existence.

The past 11 years of my life represent the most fulfilling chapter. I have learned the art of simplicity. While my inspiration has reached deeper levels of understanding, the way that I live my deeper Why has become simplified.

I have a saying that I share with Why Timers (people that receive the gift of one-on-one Why Time with me - a profound conversation with their soul): Your Why ignites the way.

The way is the inspired means of experiencing and living through your Why. So, what is this Why? I define it as the World Helped by You. I'm not talking about the 'surface-based' Why that changes with the seasons or the pursuit of some shiny new object. Your deeper Why is not some goal, financial metric or even your kids for that matter. Your Why is your soul's way of realizing its deeper impact on the world. It's your true reason for being and it's time that you remember who you are and why you're here.

So, why even write about it? It's quite simple. For mankind to truly thrive and realize all that we are meant to become in this universe then we need to collectively Reach Out and Inspire others with a deeper understanding of why each one of us is here. This is the new ROI that I'm on fire to inspire. Contrary to what you might think, building more shopping malls isn't going to get us to the 'promised land'.

Where do we begin?

I've become a big fan of simplified processes. There is a theory to everything. Einstein's equation for energy is: E=MC2 and Gerry Visca's simplified version for igniting one's deeper Why is: [Passion + Purpose = Outcome].

Years ago, when I had the privilege of 'rebranding' organizations I focused on getting to the heart of the matter. Why do you exist? served as my foundation for reconnecting the 'human beings' that sit day in and day out within the cubicles (the employees) and the one's they serve (the clients and customers).

A human being is quite simply a 'being' not a 'doing' machine. We have allowed ourselves to become defined by 'doing more'. The inner peace, happiness and fulfillment that we truly seek is only achieved through a deeper sense of 'being' and it's time we inspire one another to reconnect to it.

If you've chosen to pause and read these words then you've accepted the invitation to a deeper sense of awareness for why you're really here. Igniting the deeper Why begins with remembering who you truly are.

What is your joy?
What lights you up?

I call that "Your Passion". It's your inner GPS that keeps you on course and trust me, it's easy to lose yourself in this 'noisy' and 'disconnected' age. The late Steve Jobs said it best: "If you're not passion about who you are and what you do then others won't feel it."

What are your unique gifts?
What service will you give freely to others?

I call that "Your Purpose" and every human being has a profound verse to contribute to the world. Most of us are simply unaware that we're even unaware!

What do you want others to experience?

I call that "Your Outcome". Here's the thing, if you don't love the 'Outcomes' in your life then you're not living your Passion and Purpose.

So, why does it even matter? The average human being will experience around 70 summers. That's not a lot of time but then again, what is time? I define it as the awareness of the 'gift of life' through the present moment and the more time you devote to 'being human' the more you'll come to realize that the outcomes you are truly seeking are aligned with what you want for others.

The theory of Why is the World Helped by You.

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