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Things we take for granted

On December 23rd, my love and I moved into our new home - a cozy Scandinavian cabin in the heart of the mountains. Our journey began over 18 months ago. We were seeking a simpler life . . . a life of deeper meaning . . . a life where we can both focus on Living What Matters. For me, it's about writing and creating extraordinary books, movie screenplays and supporting new authors to live their deeper WHY, their true reason for being.

For years, I took all of our "creature comforts" for granted: water, flushing toilets and electricity. Like most people, I never gave these precious gifts a second thought. Flip a switch. Plug in the coffee maker. Flush a toilet. Let the water run. Easy right? Well, what happens when you don't have any of these resources available to you?

For weeks we built our cabin without the use of electrical power or running water. Two resources that we cannot live without. Making generators and temporary heaters available to the construction trades at the start of the winter was no easy feat.

I now sit in our cabin nestled in a haven of evergreen trees, eyes widening with the twinkling of the Christmas tree. I sip a cool glass of fresh water from our newly installed water well, 350 feet into Mother Earth. I no longer take these gifts for granted. I smile in wonderment at the life we are now building . . . together:

a life where we help each other truly Live What Matters

I mindfully place another wooden log into our new wood burning stove ~ a STUV fireplace from Belgium. Angela places her warm feet into my lap. She rewards me with a warm smile, tilts her head toward the open kitchen and asks me if the freshly-baked bread is ready.


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