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What is your "motto"?

My daughter, Emma recently asked me to answer this question:

What would you consider your Motto?

For as long as I can remember I have been seeking inspiration. Truth to be told, it was always seeking me. Let me take you back to the frenetic version of my younger self. I had lived for so long in a “doing mode”. I knew there had to be more to LIFE than simply “paying the bills.” I mean really, is that what LIFE is all about?

I was moved by the motto:

“What you are seeking is seeking you.”

Makes sense considering we live in a world of attraction. Despite my unconscious younger self I innately knew that it was time to become the very thing I was seeking: “To be inspired.” So, I chose to listen to my soul and feel with my heart. I made a conscious choice to “be inspiring.” It feels like yesterday when my 27 year old self started becoming aware of the BIGGER PICTURE of life. It was ground zero. The point of departure. A life of inspiring others.

This journey from “building buildings” to “building up people” has opened up a whole new world: inspiring audiences as an inspirational speaker across 7 countries, writing and publishing 27 + books, 5 novels and 2 movie screenplays.

“Be what you seek.”

They’re no longer just words. They are an inspired way of being.

I’ve had the privilege of coaching thousands of entrepreneurs—inspiring them to IGNITE their deeper WHY; their true reason for being. This is why I am here. It’s my deeper WHY: “To creatively inspire people and their ideas to action.” What I know for certain is when I’m living my deeper WHY then the World is Helped by Me.

It’s all about “Inspirer Action.” Doing the things that make you feel alive. Harnessing your unique gifts so you can be of service to others. When you combine these two Inspired Actions you create the “outcomes” you are seeking.

Everything is connected.

Everything is one.

For me, living an inspired life is about being “IN-SPIRIT” with the LIFE I am meant to live. I’m on fire when I’m inspiring others. Whether on stage or one page I love guiding others to look up and notice the things that really matter. We complicate our lives. We think it’s all about the external world—the things outside of ourselves that will bring us greater levels of fulfillment

“Be what you seek.”

Along this journey I’ve come to a profound realization that the LIFE our soul desires to create and experience is an inside job. I focus only on the inspired actions that bring me joy. It’s my passion to create and write beautiful books. I serve others through my unique gifts: creativity and intuition. It’s my purpose to listen to other people’s soul and inspire them to ignite their deeper WHY so they can begin architecting the LIFE they desire to experience with their one precious life.

So go ahead. Make your LIFE. Begin by being what you seek.

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