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You Found Me...

A note from your soul.

I know your mind.

I see your dreams.

I feel your pain.

I taste your tears.

I'm wildly alive in all of it.

Your desires.

Your hopes.

Your longing.

I've never left your side.

I'm more than just a shadow.

I'm your miracle, your spark, the light and the bridge to a profound understanding of who you really are.

I inspire imagination.

I am the summit of your highest expression.

I am the bigger picture... the seed of God's co-creation and the soul of the universe.

You can't find me in an APP no matter how hard you try.

I don't reside in the latest Reel.

You won't hear me in the land of more.

I'm your silent whisper but wait until you hear me ROARRRRRRRRRR.

I'm your fiery dragon... your unbridled joy.

I snuff out the demons and slash through the fear.

I'm your wise inner ninja, your voice of reason.

I ignite the way for I am your only why.

We have danced in the universe since the time before time.

You might not see me in the full story but rest assured I'm here in the margins... even now, in times of isolation and despair. When all hope seems lost you only need to look up, close your eyes and feel me coursing through you.

You found me in the moment, the here and the now. You believed.

Perhaps we can show others what it means to BE and LIVE the miracle.

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