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You have much love to give

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

A theme that plays out in my new spiritual novel, "The Life I Didn't Notice" is one of deep and unconditional love -- our disbelief that we don't have enough love to give. Our heroine Lilly Fiels struggles to disentangle herself from the past -- a past that has hardened her heart over the years. Like most people, Lilly mastered the art of keeping a lid on her deeper emotions.

I felt a pain in my heart. I wasn't paying attention to the things that really mattered. “I was drowning from the weight of my own story.”

I choose to tackle deeper spiritual teachings and the human condition and serve them to readers in story form. We relate to stories since it is how human beings have evolved. The challenge in coexisting in today's modernized world is we often feel disconnected from one another, from ourselves and from the bigger picture we are meant to embrace.

I glanced back. “Who—who are you?” She smiled reassuringly. “I am the soul of love you once carried in your heart.”

Love is the single emotion that connects every human soul to one another. Love is the selfless emotion that lives within every human being. Its power exceeds any manmade invention. Its force is absolute instilling deeper belief.

Themes that play out through the heroine and in this story around the energy of love:

— The love we can't receive.

— A deeper belief of the love we're meant to give.

— The inability to receive one of God's greatest gifts.

The revelation throughout this novel is that as human beings we do everything in our power to cast love out of our hearts. We consume ourselves with fear, an emotion that cannot coexist with the energy of love. The only emotion with the power to heal the world, is love. Love paves the way toward forgiveness.

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