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You're not done yet!

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

When the world pushes you down that’s your time to break through the surface and declare with certainty, I’m not done yet!

When LOVE abandons you in search of another and you feel unworthy that’s your time to declare to your heart, I’m not done yet!

When you feel misunderstood and alone without a will to carry on that’s your time to whisper to your Soul, I’m not done yet!

When you feel you can’t live your DREAM and become who you’re meant to be that’s your time to shout from the rooftops, I’m not done yet!

When FEAR crosses your path feel it and do it anyway, and as you push forward that’s your time to look over your shoulder and declare with a grin, thanks for showing up and reminding me, I’m not done yet!

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