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Your Screen Time is Down...

I'm quite certain you've received this seemingly vital alert from your digital devices arousing you that 'your screen time is down!'

Are you serious with this shit?

I only have to chuckle at the futile attempts by the 'Land of More' to assimilate me by attempting to control every facet of my one precious life. Perhaps their newly evolved algorithms aren't taking into account that I have little intention of increasing my "screen time". I have only one question for these digital plantation owners:

Why don't you get a life instead of trying to control mine?

As a humble servant of the 'written word' I find myself pulling away from the relentless current wrenching me toward this delusional coastline. In one of my earlier BLOGS I wrote that the 'Land of More is killing me!' It was at that point that I consciously chose to cast off from the digital motherland.

With every stroke forward, my digital devices put up a fight. They exerted a coordinated assault on my senses.

- A blaring tone,

- a bellowing chime,

- a pulsing screen waking me up in the middle of the night.

Your screen time is still down!

Since fleeing the homeland I've increased my reading level to three novels a month. I find myself more and more drawn to REAL books (you remember what those felt like, right?) It feels like food for the soul. There is a REAL comfort in the tangible. It's like cash. The way the soft linen paper brushes up against my fingertips. With every page turn the sound reminds me of an ocean wave exhaling in the wind.

I don't know how much 'time' I have left in this 'life' but I what I know for certain is that I don't want to waste another precious thought contemplating the quantitative measurement of my 'screen time'. With every so-called advancement of AI (artificial intelligence) within our 'disconnection age' I'm oddly grateful for this ominous display of imposed/push technology as a reminder of the things that truly matter in my life...

"Should we even concern ourselves with screen time? What will connect humanity at a time when we have lost our way to one another and to ourselves?"

As the stewards overseeing the 'Land of More' continue their quest for dominion over my screen time, I find my soul 'chiming' a different tune... a melody of urgency reminding me that my [lifetime] is almost up.

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