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100 Women - a legacy

100 Women - a legacy


Welcome to the Legacy issue of #WHYTIME MAG - our global publication that shines a light on Everday people doing Extraordinary things. 


We're all here to make a difference. 

It's our legacy.

How we leave the world a better place.


Some know it.

Some explore it.

Some live it.


We are here to capture it.

create it and connect it.


Share your verse in the legacy issue.

100 Women.


An inspired platform to IGNITE, SHARE + LIVE your legacy.  


WHY TIME MAG is the global WHY PLATFORM inspiring a new ROI in the world. We shine a light on EVERYDAY people doing EXTRAORDINARY things. This movement is inspiring 1 Million WHY'S as part of the founder's vision, WHY GUY Gerry Visca, a 30-time author and one of Canada's top inspirational speakers. The 100 WOMEN issue celebrates the energy and contribution of women inspiring meaningful change in the world. This is your opportunity to be a part of this legacy edition. Pre-marketing starts FEB/MAR 2024 with a publishing release worldwide on Amazon scheduled for Summer 2024. To officially confirm your seat in this publication, simply sign and date the last page of this agreement and forward it to  



$311 + tax Canadian Currency


  • A PLATFORM in the 100 WOMEN issue.
  • A full page profile and photo
  • You will be answering 2 thought-provoking questions that highlights you as a difference maker.
  • Branded and marketing touch points to share across social media.
  • Printed copies of this 100 + magazine publication will be made available for purchase on Amazon world-wide.
  • 45 min of #WHYTIME with GERRY VISCA (optional).
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