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Find your Courage

Find your Courage


Why Book 4 of 5


What is the intention of the I KNOW WHY book series?

#WHYGUY GERRY VISCA: Welcome to Book 4 ~ Book of Courage. On this journey of inspiring 1 MILLION WHYS, Angela and I set out to create one of the most profound WHY Books on the planet. "I KNOW WHY" gives #WHYTIMERS a courageous voice to live and share their deeper WHY ~ their true reason for being.     


What is the intention of the Book of Courage?

#WHYGUY GERRY VISCA: In Book 4, we explore the energy of courage as a catalyst for opening up your deeper WHY. Through courage you summon the unseen forces of the universe - the underlining current propelling you into action. WHY WISDOM is centred around three areas:

THE INVITATION ~ Igniting your deeper WHY by answering the only question that matters: 'Why am I Here?'

THE AWARENESS ~ Opening up possibilities to experience your deeper WHY - also known as the journey of life. 

THE ACCEPTANCE ~ A deeper understanding that you were put on this earth for a far deeper reason than just paying the bills.   


What is the World Helped by You?

#WHYGUY GERRY VISCA: When you ignite and live your deeper WHY the World is Helped by You. This is the unified outcome of                1 MILLION WHYS - a new vision for our world.  

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