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Find your Passion

Find your Passion


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Why Passion?

WHY GUY: Passion is one of the three pillars that supports your deeper WHY. I define it as "the elements of being": Passion + Purpose = Outcome. The [RED BOOK] is about bringing a deeper level of awareness to the power of igniting and living your Passion. From the thousands of WHY TIME sessions, I've discovered that people have forgotten the things that truly bring them joy and it's a difficult question to answer. A companion book is my novel titled: "Remembering Why", a Wondrous Journey to Why We Exist. It uses the power of a story inspired by true events to inspire people to remember the Passion they knew once upon a time.


What is the Outcome of the [RED BOOK]?

WHY GUY: The intention of this book is to awaken the things that spark new levels of aliveness within you, connect you to the things that truly matter, ignite your way of being and inspire you to fall in love with "you" again. This "Life Guide" is about surrendering and allowing your deeper Passion to be your guide along your life journey.

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