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Find your Purpose

Find your Purpose


Why Book 3 of 5


What is PURPOSE and why is it essential to living your deeper WHY?

#WHYGUY GERRY VISCA: The greatest gift we can give a fellow human being is one of [PURPOSE]. It's what we all seek - a life of deeper meaning through contribution. Your [PURPOSE] is your service to others through your unique gifts. It forms  the second pillar of your deeper WHY: Passion + [PURPOSE] = Outcome. Purpose is filled with intention, promise and possibility. I chose to create this book to help you, dear reader, define your [PURPOSE]. When you start living through it you begin to influence the deeper outcomes that you seek in life as this is the World Helped by You.  


Why is PURPOSE such a challenge to tap into?

#WHYGUY GERRY VISCA: [PURPOSE] is by far the most elusive concept for human beings to grasp. For the most part, we are doing a surface job on it, seeking quick answers from the external world and we're not staying the course as we receive insights and bytes of clarity.


What is the intention of the I KNOW WHY book series?

#WHYGUY GERRY VISCA: This book series is meant to awaken the things that spark new levels of aliveness within you, connect you to the things that truly matter, ignite your way of being and inspire you to fall in love with "you" again. These "Life Guides" are about surrendering and allowing your deeper Passion + [PURPOSE] to be your guide along your life journey. We've been given ONE LIFE so why not begin to create it with a deeper sense of KNOWING WHY!

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