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Living What Matters Wisdom Cards

Living What Matters Wisdom Cards


In this 62-card Wisdom Deck, Gerry and Angela share with you their top questions for helping you Live What Matters - connected to their newest book of the same title, these Wisdom Cards are about aliveness. Once our basic needs are met, we all seek to feel more alive, complete and fulfilled with the time that we have. Yet, to shift from lost, lifeless and even hopeless, many of us feel, one must have the courage to face the truth: You will DIE.


The truth is none of us knows when that first day of our last year will be and this is not morbid, it’s just real. Learning to gracefully keep this truth closer to you is the truest way to live your life more fully and to not waste so much of it. The questions in these Wisdom Cards are meant to shock you gently and calmly into the one precious life you are meant to live. Each card is composed a practice to help wake you and not on a surface level, but rather on a deep heart level.


We’ve created this Wisdom Deck now with a sense of urgency, as humanity in this part of the 21st century finds itself on the edge of some truly world shifting circumstances, it is vital. We can no longer afford to wait for someday.

Your life is waiting for you to live what matters.

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