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Moving the World

Moving the World


Book 6 of the I KNOW WHY series.

The Book of Inspired Action.


I recently wrote in my transformational novel, 'The Life I Didn't Notice' that the end of the line is just the beginning. Our greatest creations begin in a similar way. We must begin with the end in mind... the bigger picture... the intention... the outcome we wish to experience. For it is within the end result that we find our way.  For your creation to manifest in the physical world, you must take action - but not just 'any action' will do. Inspired action comes from the creative domain where all of your unseen power exists.


Publishing this book series is a rewarding journey.  I had a clear vision of inspiring 1 Million WHYs. I conceived the creation by first listening to my soul. I believed it was possible, took action only on the inspired thoughts that riveted my soul.  I received the opportunities that presented themselves.

Although this published book series has reached its final stop, it is only the beginning of a brand new journey - one filled with deeper levels of passion and purpose. As I look to the horizon, I imagine these pages opening up your world and inspiring you to take action on the things that will move your deeper WHY forward. This is your train... your world to explore.


Moving forward begins and ends with you. So with that, I say all aboard!

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