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Remembering Why

Remembering Why


Novel 1 of 5


A passionate story to help you Remember your Passion...


A well renowned architect has built a foundation of fame and fortune, yet his passionless life is crumbling before his eyes.  

Hopeless, grieving and deeply unfulfilled he's visited by a wise mentor from his past who reminds him of his deeper, driving why and the hidden mysteries of his universe. 

Only through a wondrous journey that unravels the concept of time does he begin to reconnect with his true self as he strives to answer the only question that matters…

Why do we exist?

This transformational novel is a spiritually awakening and romantic story. The use of non-linear time, introduction of characters and events will keep you fascinated and involved.  You will feel as if you are on a journey with our hero and you will catch yourself pausing to reflect and take note of the invaluable teaching moments as they relate to your own life.

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