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The BIGGER Story

The BIGGER Story


Welcome to The BIGGER Story—a fresh direction for our inspired WHY BOOK series. Our approach towards Inspired Publishing has always been driven by our deeper, driving WHY: We exist to help you help the world. 

      We believe in the power of igniting your deeper WHY—your true reason for being and masterfully creating literary works of art that illuminates the BIGGER WHY within you. We focus on creating real books filled with real people and real inspiration. The world needs books and movies that inspire deeper levels of hope and meaning now more than ever. Our intention with this book series is to provide each #whytime author the freedom of literary expression. Some have chosen to express their BIGGER Story through a short story format while others incorporated a self-help and/or autobiographical approach. Each author was uniquely guided throughout the book creation both in one-on-one coaching and through our 6-week writing course ~ 'The BIGGER Story'.

      As a transformational author and screenwriter, I've come to appreciate the power of story telling as a more meaningful way to connect with people's heart and soul. It is my hope that you allow these beautifully composed pages to invoke a sense of urgency for your one precious life so you can take inspired action on the one thing that whispers to your soul. Life is brilliant and brief and in the end all that matters is that you ignited and lived your BIGGER Story.

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