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The BIGGER Story Audio Book

The BIGGER Story Audio Book


Welcome to the abridged version of our new 'soul guide' The BIGGER Story - written and read by Gerry Visca + Angela Kontgen.  This inspired audio book is filled with our BIGGER Insights and Wisdoms to help you rediscover your BIGGER Story.  We have included moments of pause and deep reflection wihtin this audio book to help you dig deeper and tap into something BIGGER within you. 


The BIGGER Story is finally waking up to why you are really here, why you exist and how you are inspired to contribute to this precious world with the brief time you have been gifted.  For what are times of great human change and challenge brilliantly designed for, but to wake us up to this. Imagine allowing the words, stories and reflections, in this book to open the mind and free your heart. 


You may wish to download the e-book as a beautiful compliment to this audio book to read the inspiring stories from our 6 collaborative authors.



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