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The Life I Didn't Notice e-book

The Life I Didn't Notice e-book



From the author inspiring 1 Million WHY's comes the third installment of a spiritual novel series, "The Life I Didn't Notice". An enchanting, inspirationally crafted novel that will leave you believing that your life is nothing short of a miracle.

            Lilly Fields was given a gift; a stairway into her soul. This glimpse revealed what was always in front of her yet, she couldn't see it. She wasn't paying attention to the things that really mattered. Like most of us caught in the endless trap of pursuit, she hadn't noticed her life.

            Then her soul made a 911 call to the soul of the universe and she was shocked with the defibrillator of life. She was dialed into seven regrets she'd carried for most of her physical life and realized she was drowning from the weight of her own story.

            On her forty-ninth birthday, Lilly ascends beyond our natural world. She is called home to witness the truth of who we are and what we are part of. She experiences the mysteries of heaven as a place where our soul dances with the whole of the universe and where she learns to heal and feel the life she was meant to notice. Lily Fields is everyone.  She represents everyone’s journey of not noticing and truly living the life we are meant to live before we die.  

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